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The Mind’s Eye

No this is not a post about the August 2016 Horror film Starring Graham Skipper. The mind’s eye I’m referring to is, the pineal gland. Often referred to as the “third eye” the pineal gland is a small coin sized gland in the middle of your brain that produces melatonin. I won’t go into the full effects of melatonin in your body; but it is a chemical that may assist with blood pressure regulation, sleep timing, and other biological effects. Because of the location of this gland, cultures and religions believe it plays an important role in the metaphysical/spiritual realm. These beliefs were reinforced in 2013 when Rick Strassman discovered that the Pineal Gland is capable of producing the hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

DMT is inside our bodies and it is doing something

I unfortunately have not had the pleasure to experience the effects of this drug but there are many who have, and boy do they have a story to tell. Potentially every living organism in this world has DMT in it and if the stories are true, then the idea of being fully connected holds true. When synthesized or brewed, DMT can be drank for a mild high or smoked to experience the full potency and effects. When smoked, every user’s experience is the same; they see colors appear brighter, a loud crashing sound, and they look around realizing they are no longer where they were. The most chilling remarks that have been documented is that they speak or interact with an extraterrestrial entity. Not extraterrestrial in the sense of little grey aliens, but a being that is not of this world. The interactions are almost always positive, uplifting, and secure. The beings either show the person how to create the world around them, overcome addictions or obstacles, and even represent a type of safety that they never felt before.

This brings me to why this is inside of our bodies and furthermore the possibilities. I believe Dimethyltryptamine plays a key role in the human development to the supernatural and outer worldly life. What is great about this is that, I am not alone in this belief. People from around the world in our past and present believe this to be true. Tibetan Monks, Mahayana Buddhists, and other eastern cultures understand that there is more to what meets the eye in this world we experience. Indigenous tribes in the northwestern part of South America still take DMT regularly through Ayahuasca rituals. The wisdom these shamans have shared throughout the ages are being experienced today in Ayahuasca retreats. You can even book your own Ayahuasca retreat like you would any normal vacation.

What happens when our spirituality is removed?

We look around and see mental disorders on the rise, an anxiety ridden public, and human beings attacking each other over worldly possessions and ideals. We as a species are beginning to put the pieces together and are exposing corrupt government officials, corrupt corporations, and corrupt religious leaders across the world. The common person has been acting ignorant to the world outside of their bubble. We live a life revolving around the words ME and not US. I believe it is this willful blindness that has caused us to bleed. We suffer from depression, anxiety, panic, bi-polar, and many other mental disorders. Yet time and time again we fail to cure the disorder, instead we are treated for the symptoms. We are told it is a chemical imbalance in our brain, and by balancing the missing chemicals we don’t suffer the symptom yet we are still left with the disorder.

I believe DMT is the better alternative to pharmaceuticals or other drugs, yet it continues to remain the most illegal substance in the United States. My stance is strictly philosophical, I do not have a medical degree nor am the subject matter expert on pharmaceuticals. But to those of you who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, ask yourself these questions: Did you come to believe you had this disorder before or after you were diagnosed? Once you were diagnosed did you feel as if you were victimized? Do you believe you have no control over your disorder? Did the diagnosis come with an explanation as to how you became afflicted with a mental disorder? Many people suffering from a mental disorder leave their doctor convinced of their ailment. Once we become diagnosed with something we believe that diagnosis wholeheartedly without question. Much like the flu or bronchitis, the symptoms are compared and by deduction the doctor makes their assumption of your ailment. But unlike those ailments there isn’t an outside source causing those symptoms, your body is causing the symptoms. That’s why there will never be a pharmaceutical cure for mental disorders. Because to cure the disorder you must change what makes you, uniquely you.

The panacea(A fancy word for cure-all)

Earlier in this article I briefly discussed DMT function within the body, and the ability to cure addictions. If you look online you will find countless testimonies, comments, and evaluations on people who have had these disorders and are now cured after their run in with DMT. They no longer feel sad, nervous, edgy, and can sleep with peace. These very same people who would smoke weed every day thinking it was helping only to realize it lead them down an even more unhealthy path. Other drugs or chemicals that are not in our body affect us differently than DMT. Even though other hallucinogenic drugs give you this euphoric feeling, DMT does not affect the serotonin levels in the brain. Meaning it is the only psychedelic that doesn’t mess with the neurotransmitters. We somehow feel this euphoric feeling that DMT gives us without it physically altering our body. THIS MEANS ZERO SIDE EFFECTS (not that long list of bull you would typically hear at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial). We potentially have the tools to overcome illnesses and more, because of the possibility that this drug is produced in the pineal gland.

The pine cone of history

I cannot believe the geometric center of our brain that has this pine cone-shaped gland, which plays a big role in all ancient religions, is a coincidence. In Hinduism they believe in the “third eye” or brow chakra, which is located in the middle of our forehead. The Egyptian staff of Osiris which dates back to 1224 BC depicts two serpents rising up to meet at a pine cone. In ancient Greece pine cones have been used as symbols of everlasting or eternal life. Ancient Assyrian palace carvings dating back 700 BC depict four-winged God-like figures purposefully holding aloft pine cones. Ancient Romans constructed the Pigna, a huge pine cone three stories tall, which now stands in front of the Catholic Vatican. The sacred staff carried by the pope himself depicts a pine cone near the top. It is even mentioned in the bible, And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: “For I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. And as he passed over Peniel the sun rose upon him.” –Genesis 32:30-31. There are more passages that can be found, but that is for a different time.

In addition to our past the Pineal gland plays an important role in our bodies today, one which we don’t fully understand. Thanks to many researchers such as Dr. Steven Barker, Dr. Rick Strassman, and Dr. Adam R. Winstock we have our foot in the door, but are still struggling to wrap our heads around the purpose of DMT in our bodies. My thoughts on the matter is that outer worldly dimensions such as a spiritual realm are attainable and that by doing so we can overcome the illnesses, issues, and struggles we face today. We have the ability to not only reach a higher understanding, but to be connected with one another and to have a purpose greater than ourselves. I believe DMT is the ship that can take us there and the Pineal gland is the pilot.



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